Thank you for your interest in becoming a Good Hound Company brand representative. This brand rep term runs June 1 - September 30.


We are looking for Good Hounds and Good Humans who are willing to help us drive sales, grow overall brand awareness, promote individual product launches, increase website traffic and to become a part of our journey to do good. Good Hounds and Humans must be willing to share our brand with their network.


We are asking that our Good Hounds and Humans at a minimum:

  • Share 1 post featuring our goods on Instagram each month acknowledging and tagging @goodhoundcompany

  • Share 4 stories featuring our goods on Instagram each month acknowledging and tagging @goodhoundcompany

  • Engage with our content as you see fit

***If you do not complete bullet points one and two above each month of your term, your brand rep code will be deactivated and your shop credit and other perks will be terminated immediately***


Perks of being a Good Hound or Good Human brand rep include:

  • If local to or willing to travel to the Milwaukee area, Good Hounds will have the opportunity to be a part of our brand photoshoots

  • A photo and short bio of each Good Hound will be featured on our website

  • Free name embroidery option when ordering a bandana through ($10 value)

  • Earn a 10% commission on total brand rep sales when a customer makes a purchase using your coupon code. Commissions can then be redeemed for shop credit only. Shop credit expires at the end of brand rep term.

  • Take part in and document the rewarding experience of donation drop-offs to animal shelters and rescue organizations (not a requirement)


Applications must be submitted by May 15. Final selections will be made by May 31 and notified using the information submitted below. At that time, Good Hounds and Humans will be provided with an individualized coupon code to incorporate into sponsored content.

To be selected as a brand rep, your social media account is required to be set to public for the entirety of your brand rep term, as shared above. This is so others can see and we have the opportunity to share your content with our followers.


Required responses are noted with a * symbol.