The work of animal shelters across the country help thousands of dogs every year. While staff and volunteers provide the best care possible, we know the transition for a dog in and out of the shelter can still be stressful. Join us in our mission to give back and improve the welfare of shelter dogs. When purchased, this toy will be donated directly to a shelter dog to help ease their transition. Thank you.

Good Hound Company has proudly donated to:

Do you have a dog rescue and protection agency in the US that you're passionate about? Send us an email at and include a link to their site and how that particular organization is meaningful to you.

Other ways you can make a difference:

Adopt a pet

Volunteer your time at a local animal shelter

Attend a community event or fundraiser

Make a financial contribution

Raise awareness

Donate supplies or host a dog food or toy drive

Support spay and neuter programs

Become a foster parent