"Tucker is a 3 1/2 year old goldendoodle who is living his best life in Madison, WI. He is an avid dog park goer who loves to swim and romp around, but also equally loves to nap and cuddle. He loves his hedgie toys, and more times than not you'll find him rocking a stylish bandana! It's a hard life having a dog more photogenic than you but I couldn't ask for a better dog or best friend."


"Arlo is a one-year-old yellow lab with eyebrows worthy of the Levy family. His go-to coffee order is a pup cup, and he's never met a tennis ball he didn't like. You'll most often find him on adventures with his parents, who follow the motto 'never leave the dog(s) behind.'"

Logan and Carmen

"We’re Logan and Carmen, a scrappy French Bulldog duo from Milwaukee, WI. When we’re not snuggling with our dog dad, we love exploring our city and building lasting relationships among the local dog community. We are passionate about serving dogs that need a new lease on life and you’ll often find us volunteering and fostering for our local rescue. We love sporting @goodhoundcompany products every where we go and we can’t wait to see all of you in your newest sustainability handmade pet goods!"


"Allie is a 5 year old pitbull mix from the Wisconsin Humane Society. Modeling is her day job & she loves to look pretty as long as there is a food reward. She has 2 cat brothers named Harley & Spencer. Allie is completely a daddy’s girl."


"Baker was adopted from the Wisconsin Humane Society in August of 2019 by his pawrents Jake and Sarah. He enjoys long decompression walks, earning ALL the treats, and hanging at the dog park as much as possible! Baker is proud to represent Good Hound Company and its mission of doing good."


"Zeppelin, a scruffy rescue pup who spends his free time traveling and exploring new places with his mom and dad!"

Sasja and Edith

"Sasja and Edith are both rescues from the Wisconsin Humane Society. They get excited whenever I pick up a bandana because they love looking cute and modeling! Sasja is a high energy Dutch Shepherd who loves to swim more than anything! Edith would prefer to lounge on the couch all day and night."

Screen Shot 2021-05-29 at 8.05.57 PM.png

Jax and Ava

"Jax & Ava- These two couldn’t be more different (besides their coloring) Jax is an old soul who if we let him would and could lay around all day. Ava on the other hand, is a full of energy Velcro dog. Even with them being so different it meshes well and makes them the best duo."

Skye and Summit

"Skye and Summit--the adventurous Australian Shepherd duo. Though they look like a cute couple, they are actually blood siblings born a year apart. They love nothing more than long off-leash hikes, keeping track of their humans, and cooling off in a body of water. In their pastime they enjoy nosework and agility. Although not (hounds), they are definitely Good Aussies (with a nice Auss)."


"Leo is a two year old Pitbull mix diagnosed with dwarfism. In his free time, he enjoys cuddling and playing with his rescue pack (sisters Millie and Gertie)."


"Harmony is a German Shepherd/Pitbull mix rescue from Texas. She loves tennis balls most of all, but also enjoys swimming and going to the dog park. Her favorite treats are peanut butter and ice cream. She absolutely loves life and can always brighten your day with her big smile and even bigger ears."


"Ichabod is a 2 year old Scottish Deerhound. Deerhounds are a type of sighthound and not very popular in the states. Icha (as we call her for short) absolutely loves cheese like a true Wisconsinite, and if she's not napping on the couch she's running at top speed just for fun!"

Stella and Cashew

"Stella & Cashew are both pitbull mix rescue mutts that are the embodiment of “who rescued who.” They’re 2 of the biggest babies and yet they can look scary and mean! We are very passionate about breed inclusivity and changing the stigma behind “bully breeds.” We believe all fur babies deserve a chance at a good life and good home, regardless of breed or size."


"Miko is an adventurous border collie that loves to explore local hikes, play ball, and share his knowledge of plants with his instagram installments of Botany Lessons with Miko. Like a true Wisconsinite he is a huge cheese connoisseur."


"Molly was surrendered to the humane society at age 15. We knew immediately that she should be part of our pack. She is the sweetest senior and full of pep and excitent for life! She's also pretty dang photogenic!"


"Liza is a 12 year old redbone coonhound who was rescued via the Wisconsin Humane Society in Milwaukee 10 years ago. She moved to California for a few years but was ready to return to her Midwestern roots, and is happy to be back on the fresh coast. She enjoys long naps in the sun and people watching at the beer garden."


"Firkin is the quintessential Milwaukee pup. True to her name, Firkin enjoys visiting all of the areas breweries with her humans. She loves long walks on Lake Michigan, playing at Roverwest, eating peanut butter, and bothering the cat."

Screen Shot 2021-05-29 at 7.11.01 PM.png

Lazarus and Blake

"Lazarus and Blake are best buds living in Colorado. Lazarus loves to fetch, play and herding his pack together. Blake loves sleeping, snacking and is our comedian. They are the perfect duo!"

Beck and Otto

"Two pups: a nearly five-year-old rescue plot hound mix named Beck and a one-year-old Australian Shepherd pup named Otto. The two are quite the pair with mismatching coats and personalities, truly being the epitomes of older brother and younger brother stereotypes"

Noel and Ben

"Noel is a sassy 3.5 year old YorkiePoo that where’s a hair bow daily and picks out her own bandanas. Ben is a 5 month old lab mix rescue, that loves to love and enjoy playing with other pups or cuddling the humans!!"

Screen Shot 2021-05-29 at 8.03.20 PM.png


"Isla is a two year old GSD/Boxer mix. We rescued her as a puppy from Wright Way Rescue near Chicago, IL. She is our first dog together & the best girl we could have every hoped for! She lives with her 2 mommas and 3 fur sisters!"

Olley, Sophey and Stella

"While not a rescue, Olley has a giving heart and loves everyone regardless of breed, size or demeanor (really, he doesn't know when a dog doesn't like him). He is the most easy-going and compliant dog in our household and always happy. Sophey, aka big mama, is the OG of our family and the boss b*tch. She runs the world and those who live in it with her sassiness and wandering spirit. While she is getting older, aging like a fine wine I would say, she has plenty of spunk. Stella is the most selective of our pack, but when she warms up to you, you'll have a friend for life. Besides her parents, the love of her life is most definitely a tennis ball."


"Sauer is a 1yr old German Shepherd who loves Milwaukee and everything the city has to offer! He’s met more than enough dogs, and people, and he really loves adventuring not only the city, but the towns surrounding Milwaukee. Sauer has a sister (Scarlett), who’s a 3yr old rescue cat and they absolutely adore one another. Another thing about Sauer is that some commands he is trained in is polish, and he is so eager and motivated to continuing to learn. He also loves giving out kisses to anyone and everyone he meets!"


"Marley was rescued from Watertown Humane Society in September of 2020. She’s the sweetest dog with the cutest spotted nose. You can catch her snoozing with her pawrents and going on regular hikes around WI!"

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