Locally produced by Doggie Doo Clip, each clip is laser cut from boards picked for durability and a gorgeous natural grain.


  1. Attach the clip's mouth halfway up on your dog's leash so the clip is between you and your dog. Clips to retractable or flat leashes. 
  2. Use a bag of your choosing to scoop up the dog mess. If you have handles on your bag slide them into the clip just under the clip's tail. If you do not have handles, use the sharp end of the dog tail to pierce a hole into the bag. Slide the bag below the clip's tail to let the bag hang. 
  3. ​Let the clip hold the bag that contains the doggie doo until you are ready and throw it away safely and hygienically. 


Leash Compatibility
  • Approximate dimensions: Each clip is 3" wide x 2.25" tal
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   Milwaukee, Wisconsin



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